Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Dossier is complete!

 On Tuesday morning our final documents arrived with the coveted authentication stamp from our Chinese Consulate in Houston. 

This completed our paper chase for our adoption!!! I stayed up late that night pouring over each document, organizing them and getting them ready to send to our agency. The next morning the kids and I headed out to send them.

I had to take a few pictures first, though. :) 

This packet of paper has consumed a big part of my life for the last 10 was REALLY hard to put it in the mail. Part of me wanted to buckle them safely in a carseat and drive to Colorado (where our agency is located) where I could personally hand deliver them. Instead I paid way too much for overnight delivery and tracked the package until it reached our agency!

To celebrate finishing and mailing off our documents, I splurged on some gourmet cupcakes for all of us. 

So I know you may be wondering - what now? Now, our agency takes 9 -11 business days to critically review each document, translate it into Chinese and bind it with our picture on the cover. They will then send it to China. So we wait. We are guessing that we will get logged in at China by mid- March and could possibly be matched with our child within a month from then. 

By the way - a quick story of God's provision. On Monday I put the first picture in this post on my Facebook page with this status update: The final documents for our Dossier arrived in the mail this morning!!! We are officially finished with our Dossier!!! I will be sending it in the mail to our adoption agency tomorrow. Along with it will go two BIG checks. Adoption is beautiful, but expensive. We would love your financial support if you are able and thoughts and prayers if you are not. To give go to:  By the end of the day we had $1155 in our pure charity fund! One of the checks sent to our agency was $1180! Thank you to all of you who donated. You have blessed us and are now a part of our adoption story. And praise the Lord for using each of you!! 
Thanks, friends!

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