Friday, July 26, 2013

More Belton Pictures

Here are some more pictures from when we were in Belton.

On our way to Georgetown to go to church with my sister, we spotted some celebrities!! Of course we had to stop and take a picture with them!


And Lightning McQueen! Mig was SO excited to see them (as you can tell from the hugs)! The Cars movies and the Toy Story movies are his favorites right now!

Selah has been wanting "real" cowboy boots for awhile now and decided that when she got money for her birthday, she would use it to buy boots. So, while we were in Belton, I took her to Cavender's Boot Store and she found the perfect boots!! She makes such a cute little cow girl! 

While we were at the boot store, Gabe decided to spend the last of his money (after buying his geode) on a toy arrow. Mig decided that he wanted a toy rifle. As I was loading the boys into the van, I realized that Mig's rifle came with a face mask - just like the Lone Ranger! So, for the rest of the week, Mig and Gabe played the Lone Ranger and Tonto in GiGi's backyard. They even watched an episode of the old Lone Ranger with Papaw - and LOVED it!!

We had a great time in Belton. Besides the fun stuff I got pictures of, we also saw Despicable Me 2 with the triplets, went swimming with the big cousins and had an ice cream making contest with GiGi and PopPop! The kids are already looking forward to next summer's trip to Belton!
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