Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

 This year Selah decided to have a Fancy Nancy birthday party. In case you don't know about Fancy Nancy, they are picture books about a little girl who loves everything fancy. The great thing about the books is that they use a very extensive vocabulary! Selah LOVES theses books and has learned a lot of "fancy" words from them.  

The Birthday Girl in her Fancy new dress.

Daddy even dressed fancy for the party!

And of course, I did too. 

The guests were invited to wear their fanciest ensemble. We had fancy accessories for them when they arrived: ties and fedoras for the boys and tiaras and beads for the girls.

We had a fancy lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with sprinkles and chicken salad sandwiches with fancy toothpicks.  

Selah LOVES story time at the library and so she decided that our first activity would be to have a Fancy Nancy story time. She even helped read!

We played a few rounds of hot potato and then had lunch. After lunch Selah opened her presents. She received some great gifts!

One gift was an American Girl Doll. Some of our friends have daughters that decided to give away their dolls to kids in need, but saved one for Selah, knowing that she had saved for one for awhile, but decided to spend that money on Target's version of the American Girl Dolls. 

After the gifts, we had cake.

Selah decided on a strawberry and chocolate zebra print cake! It turned out so beautifully! (And is a lot easier than it looks to make!)

We had a pinata filled with candy and had such a fun time partying! Here are some of the guests (a few had to leave before the picture). 

Such a sweet and fancy crew!!

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