Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had such a fun Valentine's Day this year! We started off with normal school work and then headed over to the DeKoning's home for a Valentine's Day party! 

We started out with a fun cookie game. A cookie was placed on each child's head and then the first to get it to their mouths without dropping it or using their hands won.

Gabe said he did it, but no-one actually saw him.....

Mig and his buddy Jax just grabbed the cookie off their head and ate it...I guess that was better than actually winning.

Next we played pin the arrow on the heart:

Then we had a race to see who could stack the most candies in one minute. Again, Mig was less concerned about winning than eating the candy...

Sticking with the candy theme - the next game was a race to see who could move the most candies from one side of the table to the other with chopsticks in one minute. Gabe was really good at this game!

We ate a heart shaped pizza and fruit salad for lunch, then we had a craft:

Our last game was "Cupid's Arrows". The kids put Q-tips in the end of a straw and blew the Q-tips into a bowl.

Gabe is blowing, Jaden is loading. This was a super fun game!

Mig's favorite part of the party was the food. Here he is with a grape in each cheek. And a bit of a black eye...The day before the party he took a big fall while we were on a walk. Poor guy!

Of course, Valentine's were given...Selah (the only girl at the party) LOVED this Valentine from those charming DeKoning boys. 

A big thanks to Amanda who hosted and planned a super fun Homeschool party for us all!!

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