Wednesday, February 6, 2013

100 Days of Homeschool 2013

Friday, January 25th was our 100th day of Homeschool. It was a big, exciting event for us! We started the day by singing our 100 days of School song during our Circle Time. It goes:

(sang to the tune of She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain)
It's the Hundredth Day of School today
It's the Hundredth Day of School today
It's the Hundredth Day of School, it's the hundredth day of school
It's the Hundredth Day of School today!! Hooray! 

Gabe had a spelling test to take, and after his test we started our special activities. 

We played a number game. I used our big 100 number chart and each kid used a linking block as a game piece. We rolled the dice and moved our piece. The first to 100 won. Selah was our winner! Boy could she roll those 5's and 6's!

We read Psalm 100 together and then made Joyful Noise-makers. Instructions and printable for this activity can be found HERE.

We also made some super fun 100th Day of School Crowns. The template for these is HERE.

We counted to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. We found page 100 in a few books and read the page. Then, like we did last year, the kids found 100 cents (anyway they could) and traded me for a $1 bill. We then went to lunch at McDonald's and they used their $1 bill for an ice cream cone dessert. 

After McDonald's we headed home for Mig to take a much needed 100 minute nap! While he slept, Selah read 100 FIRST GRADE sight words (proud mommy moment!). I told Gabe that he could do a project of any kind as long as it had to do with 100. His project of choice was making a 100 piece Lego building. 

Our last activity of the day was completing a 100th Day News paper

I downloaded a free app on my iPhone called "In 20 Years". Using it I took a picture of each kid and aged them 30 years from now. Then I used their projected 30 years picture and aged it another 30 (giving them a projection of 60 years) and then aged that once more 30 years. So they each got a picture of what they might look like around 100 years old. SO FUNNY!!! Actually, I did Gabe first and when Selah saw him change from 7 to 30 years old, it kind of freaked her out so much that she burst into tears. Once she was over the shock, though, she thought it was hilarious and was ready to see herself in 100 years. We used their pictures on their newspapers. 

Notice how Selah never wishes to own 100 witches! Ha! Ha!!! 

It was a fun day and a great way to celebrate how much we have learned since their first day of the school year!

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