Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selah's Strawberry Shortcake Party

Selah decided a long time ago that she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake themed party. Lucky for us, the party store in Belton had a whole section of Strawberry Shortcake party stuff!!!

Here is the birthday girl right before the guests started arriving. She picked out this dress in Miami to wear for Grandpa's birthday and her own birthday and I knitted the headband to go with it! She looked adorable!

This is Tali playing "Pin the Strawberry on the Vine". It turned out to be a fun party game for all of the kids!

I had ordered pizza from Papa John's online two days before the party. We waited and waited for it to arrive. While we were waiting we played more party games. A favorite is the pull string pinata!

The pizza was about 30 minutes late by this time, so we decided to open gifts while Daddy called about it.....well, silly me, I ordered it for 11:30 pm instead of 11:30 am!! I was so embarrassed!! Luckily, Daddy and Papa Johns sprung to the rescue and they were able to deliver it to us by 12:30.

Selah had asked for a big girl bike with training wheels. She opened all of her presents and then I asked her if she got everything she first she said she did, but then she realized that she had not gotten her bike. Daddy went outside and brought it in and boy was she excited!!!

The pizza finally did arrive and then we had dessert. Thanks to GiGi for this beautiful and yummy cake! 

After cake we played a little more and Tali and Mig played a little kissing cousins game! It was really adorable....Mig was standing near Tali and she went over and kissed him. Then they repeated it about 3 times while all of the grown-ups cooed!

After the guests left, Selah decided it was time to try out that new bike!

PopPop showed us his mad scooter skills:

A sweet moment - Selah is such a complete Daddy's Girl!

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