Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And a Chimichanga, Too!

The evening after Selah's party, we did the traditional Serna Family party at Casa Ole! This is always a really fun time!

Selah opened presents as we waited on our food.

Then, the wait staff at Casa Ole came out to sing their special song - which is always very loud - plus by now all of the cousins know the words and sing along making for quite the spectical. "Happy Birthday to you and a Chimichanga, too. Guacamole, chile con queso and a cheese enchilada, too. At Casa Ole, it's our way to say - Happy Birthday dear Selah (Selah)! Happy Birthday to you!" At this point Selah started crying. She did NOT like the noise or the attention (she's my shy one). This of course, made the servers feel very bad. Poor thing!

But, a hug from Daddy and the cherry on top of her Sundae made everything better!

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