Friday, May 26, 2017

Homeschool Field Day 2017

I remember when I was considering homeschooling for our family, one of the biggest worries I had was that my kids would be missing out on the fun school stuff. My worries were all for nothing. I don't feel like they have missed out on anything. Part of that is that we have become part of a community of homeschoolers. We do dramas, fun runs, parties on holidays, experiments, field trips and we organize a field day. 

This year the weather did not cooperate with us for field day. It was chilly, cloudy and SO WINDY! It was so windy that the buckets for our bean bag toss continually blew away - even after being weighted down with full water bottles. The kids still had so much fun, though! 

One of our favorite events is the three-legged race. 

 Selah and Alton moved like one person. They won 2 out of 3 races and were so fun to watch!

Last year Faith opted out of the 3-legged race. This year she decided to run with a friend. Walking by herself is hard  - when you bind one of her feet to another person, it was almost impossible for her. They took it slow and her little friend was so patient. 

After awhile, Selah and some others noticed the difficulty they were having and went over to the girls, grabbed their hands and helped them cross the finish line. It was the. sweetest. thing. ever. These are the kind of kids we are raising. We are teaching reading, writing and math, but we are also training them to look for ways to help those that are smaller, younger, different, or have some kind of need. They are learning to love others and to love them well. These girls that would have been considered embarrassingly slow in any other race (and quite possibly laughed at and made fun of), were encouraged, helped and able to successfully finish the race. 

A few of the events were cancelled because of the weather, so the kids created their own! They found flat pieces of cardboard and used them to downhill sled. They worked together to drag the pieces up the hill and pushed each other down. 

I think this ended up being everyone's favorite part of the day! 

I am so glad that we have the freedom and opportunity to homeschool our children and so blessed by our homeschool community that makes it so much more fun! 

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