Thursday, December 8, 2016

So much to be thankful for...

We had an awesome Thanksgiving 2016!

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my sister, Rachel's, house in Georgetown, TX. 

She set the most beautiful Thanksgiving table for us and the food was SO yummy!! It was so nice to be together with family and friends! 

The next day we gathered at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant  to celebrate 3 birthdays! We had a BIG room FULL of people to love on the birthday boys and girl.

Gabe turned 11 on November 23rd

Jonathan turned 19 on November 27th

And Faith turned 5 on November 20th.

It was another great day full of family!! Faith was so excited about all of the presents. My favorite moment was when she opened a gift and pulled out the batteries and said, "Oh, I love these batteries!!"

After dinner Aunt Amanda and soon to be Uncle Brian had a surprise for Faith and Mig. 

Aunt Amanda asked Faith to help her in her April wedding as the flower girl!

Mig thinks Aunt Amanda's fiancee, Brian, is just about the coolest guy on the planet. They hit it off the very first time they met. Uncle Brian is pretty much Mig's hero. Besides being a pretty awesome guy - he is also a police officer, and we all know that Mig LOVES police officers! Brian had a special request for Mig, too. He asked if Mig could be the ring bearer and wear his Policeman uniform to the wedding to keep the rings safe!

Mig was very honored and took the request very seriously. 

Both are very excited to have a special part in the wedding and we are so excited for Amanda and Brian, too!! 

What a fun and special Thanksgiving weekend!! 
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