Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Programs Galore!!

This December has been FILLED to the brim with Christmas programs! We started on December 3rd with Selah and Mig's choir program at the mall. 

It was beautiful! Here are a few songs from their concert: 

The next night, Faith had her first Christmas Concert where she played an angel.

This is also the choir that I direct. 

Here is the video of her performance:

On December 10th, Gabe had his choir concert. They performed for our church's Senior Life ministry for senior citizens.

At the end of their concert, they lead the congregation in some Christmas Carols. As I was taking pictures of the choir, I head this sweet little voice singing all of the words to O Come All Ye Faithful!! Adorable!!

Here is the video of Gabe's Concert:

Finally, on December 11th, our homeschool group presented a Christmas Pageant for our church's AWANA group.  

They are the sweetest group of kids EVER!! Gabe was a narrator, Selah played Mary, Mig was a king and Faith was a lost shepherd, ha!! She was really just a shepherd, but she ended up looking lost the whole time she was on stage! So funny! It is only about 8 minutes long - and so cute! Watch it here:

Such a full, but meaningful December! 

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