Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rock Climbing

The weekend before last, GiGi and PopPop came for a visit. While they were here we went to the Corinth Pumpkin Palooza. It was a fall festival with a craft show, car show, hot air balloons and fun! At the festival Gabe discovered a new hobby - rock climbing!!

There were three areas on the rock wall. The left side was easy, the right side was the hard climb and the middle was in between. Gabe had never gone rock climbing before, but he stepped up without hesitation and asked to climb on the more challenging side. 

Before he climbed I watched many others try to make it all the way up, but fail. Gabe made it look easy. 

Mig liked climbing, too. But the girls went to the craft fair with GiGi. They were more interested in their tutus.

Gabe climbed the rock wall again and again. 

The girls twirled with PopPop. 

Selah finally gave it a try.

She did pretty well - 

But as soon as she was done she said, "Now, I am going to put my tutu back on." HA!!

How fun is it to try new things?!?

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