Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month. Our family has been so blessed by the miracle of adoption. What an awesome picture of God's love and redemption played out in our family in a very real way!! Here are some adoption facts for you (many thanks to Byron for finding these):

40% of adopted children are of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than one or both of their adoptive parents.

One out of every 25 US families with children have an adopted child. According the the US Census, about half of these have both biological and adopted children.

Today, about 135,000 children are adopted in America every year - from the foster care system, private domestic agencies, family members, and other countries.

It is estimated the 140 million children worldwide are orphans. I am so happy that our little Faith no longer bears this title!!

81.5 million Americans have considered adoption. If only 1 in 500 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family.

Have you considered adoption? Do you have questions? I would be willing to answer them. Adoption is a blessing beyond what you can imagine - not just for the adoptee, but even more so for the lucky family that adopts one of the precious little children. 

I wrote a guest post on the blog of a young adult who was adopted from China at the age of 3 about the blessing of adoption. Go read it here: 
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