Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Birdthday, Daddy!

Last Saturday we celebrated Byron's birthday. The kids and I baked a cake Friday afternoon. On Saturday I opened the pre-made birthday cake banner I bought to decorate the cake and put it on top. I thought it looked odd - but when Byron saw it, he recognized right away that the people at Betty Crocker need a spelling lesson!! 

At around 1:00, Byron's sister, Nicol, and her sons came up from Belton to help us celebrate. We ordered pizza and had a great time! 

Everyone was entertained by SnapChat!

The birthday boy opened gifts. 

And then we sang him "Happy Birthday". His nephews led the most depressing version of the birthday song ever - it was more like a funeral dirge than a "happy" birthday! So funny!! 

We spent the afternoon chatting, playing football and just having fun. 

Such a great way to celebrate Byron!
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