Thursday, October 20, 2016

Celebrating Mig

We celebrated Mig's birthday at THE ZONE. 

The Stepanovs were able to come up and celebrate with us! The first overnight guests at our new house!

Mig was SO excited about driving the Go-Carts.

Faith was tall enough, but it turns out, she has a long torso and short legs, so she couldn't actually reach enough to push down the pedals.

So, the guy had to drive for her. 

 The Zone has two tracks. One is for little kiddos and one is for big kids. The little kids can ride with an adult on the big track, though. I think Byron and Will had as much fun driving the Go-Carts as the little kids did.....maybe even more fun! 

Charli Kate and Tali did not like the Go-Carts. They both got off early in tears. Adrik, though, had a BLAST!! We just about couldn't get him out of the car!

After the Go-Carts, we did some mini-golf. These two guys played real golf the day before - so it turned out to be a golfing weekend for them! 

Just to let everyone know - Rachel, Selah and I were the only ones to make a hole-in-one! YEAH! Girl power! 

Next, we all hit the arcade. The highlight of the day was when the daddies got 500 tickets on one game! 

When we got home, we did gifts and cake. Mig got a squishy fake poop at the arcade and thought it would be great in the extra cupcake spot. Yikes!!!

Of course, we had cake on his "real" birthday, too - which we got to celebrate with big cousin, Jonathan. :)

After cake, we built a fire and had smores.

We also told ghost stories.

Such a fun weekend celebrating our new favorite 6 year old!!
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