Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Family Party Pictures

 I never pass up an opportunity for family pictures! While we were all together, (except my step-sister, Amanda and her fiancee, Bryan) I seized the moment! 

GiGi, PopPop and all the grandkids! From left to right: Adrik, Tali, GiGi, Charli Kate, Mig, PopPop, Faith, Gabe and Selah. 

All of us (minus Amanda - so sad she couldn't be there). 

Gigi and PopPop with the Stepanovs:

Our kids with GiGi and PopPop:

GiGi and PopPop and the Sernas:

My Step-sister, Amanda couldn't make it, but our other Amanda was there!

This is Amanda Smith. She is like family - like a bonus sister, actually! She and mom taught together - mom was her mentor and they clicked from the start. Amanda is included on all of our family get-togethers and is really part of the family! 

Again - such a sweet party and such sweet people gathered to celebrate! 

(Mom - just let me know what sizes you need and I'll get you prints. HA!) ;)

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