Tuesday, February 23, 2016

AWANA Grand Prix 2016

February 6th was the AWANA Grand Prix!! 

This year Faith made a car to race with PopPop. 

Gabe's Car:

Selah's Car:

Mig's Lightning McQueen inspired car:

Mig raced first - half of the time, he decided Lightning McQueen should race backward:

He didn't place, but had fun:

He got a pep-talk from little sister:

Selah and Gabe were up next:

In their last round, they were in the same heat and got to race each other. It looked like Selah's car was going to beat Gabe's until the final stretch when Gabe's car pulled ahead! So exciting. 

They also walked away with participation ribbons. 

Last up were Faith and PopPop:

They didn't place either. 

Even though no one placed this year (or so we thought), everyone had fun! 


This week we found out that the judges votes for AWANA theme were tallied incorrectly and the trophies were given to the WRONG CARS!!!

We actually had a winner in our family:

CONGRATULATION, Selah, on a FIRST place car!!!

We were blessed with another exciting and fun AWANA Grand Prix!! 

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