Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look who is 4!!

I cannot believe that the little peanut we brought home from China almost a year ago is now FOUR!! 

Last year on Faith's birthday we landed in Beijing, tired from the long flight (not to mention the screaming child sitting behind us), excited at the journey before us, but a little disappointed that we missed celebrating her 3rd birthday by just a few days. 

This year she is in our arms and we are so excited to be celebrating the little person she is!

Faith is still tiny for her age. She weighs 29 pounds and is 36" tall. But within that tiny girl lies a little warrior. In her 4 short years she has been through so much, yet faces the world with a smile and her own unique spunk. 

And as a special treat here is a slide show of her journey from 3 years old to 4 years old. It is really something to watch her progression (but it is 16 minutes long - so grab some coffee or tea and get comfy). 

Faith is a blessing and an inspiration. We are so happy that she is ours!!
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