Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Update on Faith!

On Tuesday I opened my email to find an update on our sweet girl!!

There were pictures and a short write up on how she is doing. 

How adorable is she?!? These pictures melt my heart!

They say she is doing well, that she is healthy and growing. She can say mama and nainai (which is what they call the nannies).

After we had accepted her file, our agency asked us to send 5 questions we would like to know from her orphanage. I wasn't sure if we would get answers, but we did! Our questions were:

1. What is her personality? She is timid and shy

2. What makes her happy? Snacks and being held, playing with friends

3. Does she have any allergies to food or medicine? No

4. How do you comfort her when she is crying? By giving her snacks and holding her

5. Do you have any baby photos of her that we can have?  
And so we got the only picture of her where she is smiling!!

We also sent Faith a care package and are praying that it will be delivered soon. 

In her package we included some treats for her friends, jewelry for the nannies, headbands, a blanket, a rag doll, an outfit, a disposable camera, pictures of all of our family - including cousins and a book I made for her in Mandarin with our pictures. 

We also included a toy with a voice recorder. Byron and I learned to say "I am your father, I love you" and "I am your mother, I love you." in Mandarin for the recorder. 

Then the kids and I packaged it all up and sent it to China with lots of love!

We are making progress in the adoption process, too! On October 2nd the last part of our Immigration paper work (I-800) was approved. Last Thursday we received our National Visa Center letter (NVC) letting us start getting Faith's visa. On Tuesday all of our documents were dropped of at the consulate in Guangzhou (Article 5 drop-off). Tomorrow we will be sending in our visa application. Please pray that everything will go smoothly with our visas. I am a little bit apprehensive about the Ebola scare keeping us from being issued a visa since Byron works at a Texas Health Presbyterian  Hospital. I am probably being silly - it probably is not an issue - but you never know! 

We are getting closer and closer to holding that precious girl in our arms! I can not wait!! 

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