Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finally Introducing...


our little princess 

Faith RenLan Serna

These two pictures are the pictures that were included in her referral. These were the first pictures we saw of our daughter.

The pictures below are the pictures we received in the update the day after we sent in our answer. 

Isn't she gorgeous! 

We had a hard time naming her because we had so many good and meaningful names that we could give her! We finally settled on Faith because God has taught us so much about our faith through this process and our faith has grown so much! Her Chinese name is Ren Lan and so we are combining those for her middle name.  I hope she loves her new name as much as we do. 

 As you can tell, the kids are SO EXCITED! 

We are waiting for our family to be complete!

Everything is moving really fast now! Our agency was guessing it would take about a month for us to receive our LOA (Letter of Acceptance from China). We locked in Faith's file on September 3 and received our electronic LOA the next day!! We then got our hard copy of the LOA on the 8th so instead of 1 month, it took 5 days! Our immigration paperwork was sent off last Thursday and our agency says that once that is sent off we can expect to travel in 9 -12 weeks. So that puts our new timeline to travel to China sometime between mid-November to early December! We are praying she will be home so we can celebrate Christmas with our completed family! 

We are so in love with this little girl half a world away and are counting down the days when we get to hold her for the first time! 
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