Saturday, August 3, 2013

Choir Camp 2013

Last week the kids (and my nephew JT) attended our church's choir camp. I helped out, too - it was such a blessing for us all! But also, completely exhausting! We spent the week learning a full musical and then Friday night the children performed the musical. They also did a 20 minute cut of the musical for church on Sunday morning. Gabe auditioned for a part back in June and received a speaking part as Simon Peter. The musical was called Simon Says and was based on the book of Acts when Simon Peter was on trial. It was so neat to hear these children presenting the gospel in such a clear and beautiful way. 

Selah was part of the mini-camp. They spent the week learning about the Armor of God and presented 3 songs on Friday night. They created their costumes for the show during the week and looked so cute wearing their armor! Selah was also chosen for a short speaking part!

Selah wasn't feeling very well the day of the performance. She was running a little fever and complaining of a headache. She was VERY serious the entire time on stage - but she did so well!!

Our sanctuary was beautifully transformed into a courtroom for the muscial:

Simon Peter being defended by Ms. Steele:

Being a bit dramatic:

Singing and doing choreography:

He was SOOOO cute!!

And  now a total treat!! Here is a portion of the performances for you to see! First is Selah's part, then Gabe's final statements. Enjoy the show!!

What a great experience for all of us! Gabe was such a great little actor! The directors told me all week long how impressed they were with him. He is wanting to join the Kids Praise Choir during the year now. He made friends, and had a blast!
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