Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

On Christmas morning, Gabe and Selah snuck downstairs before the rest of us, then ran back up stairs to let us know that Santa had come!! 

I got Mig up and Rachel gathered the triplets and we all headed downstairs. Mig took one look at his gift, hopped on and started driving all around! He didn't care about the other packages under the tree!

We opened the gifts left by Santa and got into our stockings:

Then we had breakfast before opening the rest of the gifts:

I love Selah's expression here! 

Gabe got an unexpected gift - and was so excited!! Byron bought both Gabe and I Kindle Fires for Christmas!

The triplets got lots of fun toys, too.

I love Adrik's face here - I'm sure he's thinking, "Wow! He looks just like Bob the Builder!"

All 6 kids got these fun, personalized "Going to Grandma's" bags from sweet Aunt Barb - or as Mig calls her - Aunt Barbie Q.

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