Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Harry Potter Homeschool Party

Before our Christmas Break from homeschool, the kids and I had a Harry Potter party! We had been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone during our Reading lessons and finished it the day before our Christmas Break. All 3 kids really enjoyed the book and I had such a fun time sharing it with them! 

The night before our party, while the kids were sleeping I hung these 3 hoops in the hallway:

They would be for our "Muggle Quidditch" match. After breakfast, getting dressed and Circle Time we worked on our costumes for the day. We made Harry Potter Glasses from a printable page and Gryffindor House Ties from another page. I printed the glasses and helped the kids cut them out. We didn't use the ear pieces as they were really too large for the kids, but tied a string from the corners of the glasses around their heads. For the ties, I printed them and then punched holes in them to string around their necks. We then started our big project of the day - making wands. I used this website for the directions. We would do a step of the wand project and then while that step dried, we would move on to another activity. It took all day, but they turned out sooooo well! 

So, while the first step of our wand project dried, we played "Muggle Quidditch". Earlier that month, when we read about the sorting ceremony,  we placed the 4 house names in a hat and choose our house to be sorted. Gabe was sorted into Hufflepuff, Selah was placed in Ravenclaw, Mig was sorted into Slytherin and Daddy and I both were sorted into Gryffindor. When we played Quidditch, we played for our houses. To play, I gathered 5 pairs of folded socks and one small plastic, yellow ball. Each player had to hold a broom between their legs and try to throw the socks and yellow ball (the snitch) through the hanging hoops. Each pair of socks was worth one point per goal and the snitch was worth 5 points. It was just challenging enough for these guys to have a great time! 

Ok, ok....so I had fun, too!

Huffelpuff won the game - but we all had fun! Next, we did another step of our wand project and a little science. My sister bought Gabe this fun kit for his birthday:

So we put it to use and had our own potions class!!

Then we had lunch, worked on our wands a little more and then it was time for our treats and the movie!

I made treat boxes the night before which are really similar to the Chocolate Frog boxes in the movie. These are also a free printable you can find HERE.

I was hoping to find some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, but couldn't find them anywhere - Barnes and Noble said the had sold out and the candy store didn't sell them - even Amazon.com was sold out. So, we had regular jelly beans instead. 

I also made some Butter Beer for the kids to drink.

After the movie we finished up our wands. They looked amazing! My mom even said she thinks they are better than the ones on the movie - and believe it or not - they are made of rolled paper!!

Our wands were finished so we headed outside for some pictures. Between snaps they went around shouting  things like "Alohamora" and "Leviosa" and flicking and swishing their wands all around! 

 OK....is this not the cutest little Harry Potter ever?!?:

Selah did not want to wear the glasses - she said she is NOT Harry Potter, she is Hermoine!

It was an awesome end to our first semester of school and such a fun, fun day! Gabe even said that he likes Harry Potter better than Star Wars now! GASP!!
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