Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Little Guy with a Big Heart

Before his first game, Gabe's coach told me that he is "the littlest guy on the team, but has the biggest heart". At Saturday's game he demonstrated this. Gabe's last time up at bat, he struck out and the catcher picked up the ball and went to throw it to the coach pitcher, but hit Gabe in the head with it as Gabe was walking off the field (praise the Lord for batting helmets!). Gabe turned around and walked to the catcher leaving everyone in the stands wondering what he was going to do. One dad even said, "He's going to charge him!" Nope, not Gabe. He went over to the boy and gave him a fist bump, let him know there were no hard feelings. Gabe has struck out every time he has been up to bat, he has made errors in the outfield, but he is having a blast, and after last week's performance, Byron and I can't be more proud of this little guy with a BIG heart.

Here is a video of this incident...I slowed down the throw and hit to the head so you can see it better. I can't watch it without tearing up. I love this boy!

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