Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Classroom

When we moved in the middle of the school year last year we went from having a "homeschool closet" where we kept our books and supplies to having a whole homeschooling room!! This has been such a blessing!! During the months we have been in the house we have added to our room and now I am ready to share our workspace!

For Mother's Day (which happened to be the same week as Teacher Appreciation Day), Byron bought me a white board and a globe!

Since we have the wall space and room this year, we will be completing a History Time Line - which will be on the white strips behind the table.

The calendar is new! Last year I just had a paper calendar in the front of  Gabe's Math Binder that we would fill out. It is really nice to have the calendar, months and seasons as a visual for Selah to learn the calendar now that she is in kindergarten! Plus it really makes our room fun!!

We also have a tv in the school room - it is not connected to the cable, though. We invested in an Apple TV to connect to the tv - which has been an awesome tool! I have a playlist of our worship songs, memory verse song and some of the kid's favorite You Tube videos that we use during circle time. I can also use it to pull up websites to help teach. It has been a great tool for us!

I hope you have enjoyed the classroom tour!

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