Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baseball Tryouts

For the first 4 or 5 years of Gabe's life, he struggled really hard with his asthma. He couldn't do normal boy things like a tickle fight, running around the yard, or jumping rope without having to have a breathing treatment or take his inhaler. It was normal for him to wake up a few times during the week needing his inhaler. If things like that would set him into an attack, there was no way that he could do any kind of organized sport. We tried a gluten, dairy and soy free diet, and allergy medicine, but that didn't seem to help enough. Finally, last year we saw an allergist that prescribed the right combinations of diet and medicines to finally get his asthma under control!! Praise the Lord!! We found out that cutting out gluten and soy wasn't helping at all - just making life more difficult, but cutting the dairy was helping, though his dairy problems aren't so bad that he can't have a piece of pizza and a bit of ice cream on special occasions. All of this has made him feel and act more like a normal little boy! He has a new energy and is more confident than ever!

We felt so sure of his health that I signed Gabe up for fall baseball!! A few weekends ago we headed over to the Corinth Baseball fields and he had try-outs.

The word "try-outs" is a little misleading...all of the boys got a team, but the coaches watched their skills and chose thier players in a draft after the try-outs which helps to even out the skill set of the players. Because he is almost 7 years old, he went straight to Coach Pitch baseball and skipped over t-ball, which made me a little nervous for him. This meant that many of the boys have played for 2 or 3 years already. I was so afraid that he would be very far behind his team mates. However, he did so well at try-outs! He wasn't the best out there, but he also wasn't that far behind the best! He caught grounders, hit the ball a few times and everyone was impressed with his swing! He smiled the entire time he was trying out.

He ended up getting chosen for the Yankee's team. We have gone to a few practices now and he is having a blast! In fact, it looks like Daddy will be on the team, too! Byron helped the coach out at the first practice by pitching and did so well that the coach asked if he will be the official coach pitcher for the team!  Their first game is set for September 8.

Mig enjoys cheering for Bubba!

You can be sure that there will be more pictures to come of our baseball guys!!
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