Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

The weekend before last we enjoyed a visit from Rachel, Will and the triplets! They were able to stay a couple of nights and celebrate my birthday with me!! We went to the park, ate some yummy food and just enjoyed their company. Rachel and I even got to sneak away for some ice cream by ourselves....a treat for these mommas of three!

Below is a picture of all of our kids: Mig, Gabe and Selah in the back and in the chairs from left to right are Charli Kate, Adrik and Tali:

Handsome Adrik:

Sweet Charli Kate:

Lovable Tali:

On Friday night, my sweet cousin, John David, came out to have fajitas with us!! It was a fun way to celebrate my birthday.

 Byron is holding Charli Kate, Rachel is holding Tali, Will is holding Adrik, I am holding Mig and John David is beside me in the plaid.

When Rachel and Will were pulling out of our drive-way on Sunday morning Selah said, "Mommy, I so really miss those baby cousins." Then began to SOB!! We all loved the visit and can't wait to see them all again.
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