Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lemonade for Sale!

This weekend we had a garage sale and while we were selling our junk, the kids set out a lemonade stand. They sold Lemonade for 50 cents a cup and sugar cookies for 25 cents. They were so cute and everyone had a great time interacting with them. They ended up selling out of cookies within the hour and sold all but a few cups of Lemonade. Their goal was to make enough money to buy a splash pool for the backyard...and they did!! We also sold most of our "treasures". It was really a fun time!!

In case anyone is wondering....I did not make the banner myself. I printed it for free from The Tom Kat Studio blog. It turned out really, really cute. We also printed their visors, which I downloaded from here. The kids helped to string the banner and cut the visors out which really helped them get excited about thier little business! The stand helped them to stay busy while we were running the garage sale and they had a blast! What a fun learning experience it turned out to be! Gabe was making change and counting money!
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