Friday, March 23, 2012

Papa Serna Visits

We had a fun visit with Byron's dad (AKA Papa Serna) last weekend! We had a little St. Patrick's Day celebration while he was here with Irish Soda Bread sandwiches, Rainbow Sprite (Sprite poured over ice colored with food coloring) and Rainbow cupcakes. I had planned to make Shepherd's Pie, but had an eye appointment that morning and didn't quite get to it, but our lunch was still fun!

When we told the kids that Papa was going to be visiting they were very excited, but then Selah got kind of quiet and said, "But how will we get him upstairs to see my room?" (Everyone who comes over HAS to see her room). With the help of technology we got Papa "upstairs"! Byron face-timed my iPhone with the iPad and I he got a virtual tour!!

We spent a few hours talking, laughing and eating. It was a great visit!!

Papa came bearing gifts for everyone! He got Selah this outfit which she had to put on right away!

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