Friday, March 23, 2012

Kites and Flowers

For our art project this week we did a fun art/craft! Home-made paper bag kites! The kids had a blast with them and so I am going to do a how-to post.

paper lunch bag
markers or crayons
tape or hole reinforcers

Step 1: Cut the bottom off of the lunch bag so that you have a sleeve (opening on top and bottom)

Step 2: Let the kiddos decorate the bag with crayons or markers:

Selah had me draw a butterfly on one side and a ladybug on the other, then she colored it in.

Gabe colored the entire bag and then drew Jedi Knights on it. He is very into Star Wars these days.

Step 3: Glue 3 streamers to the bottom inside of the bag (2ft-ish in length)

Step 4: On the top sides (where the bag folds in) place a piece of tape to strengthen the bag. Punch a hole through the tape and bag and loop a 18 inch piece of yarn through each hole. (Or you can just punch a hole in each side and then reinforce both sides of the hole with reinforcers).

Step 5: Take a much longer piece of yarn and tie it through each loop meeting them in the middle. We then added a short stick to roll up the extra yarn.

Here is our finished project:

Selah pretty much ran around in circles dragging her kite behind her. She looked like a mad woman but had so much fun!

Gabe actually caught wind quite a few times and had a blast flying his kite! 

And now - totally off topic - I thought I would do a little bragging on my hubby! Other than our kite flying session, Monday was a horrible day for me. Mig is teething and was clingy, grumpy and at times just plain mean! He didn't take much of a nap and tore the house up from top to bottom. I seriously felt like curling up in a corner and crying. It was just "one of those days".  My sweet husband sent me beautiful flowers the next day and let me know how much he appreciates what I do everyday for our family. SO SWEET!!

YEP - I'm a lucky girl!
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