Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lloyd Family Reunion

Last weekend our little family of 5 headed to Crockett Texas for the 25th Lloyd Family Reunion.

It was held at the Crockett Family Resort- an RV campground there in Crockett. We slept in a cabin, got in a little Putt-Putt golf:

Some fun games:

And Daddy wowed the family with his mad horseshoe skills!

But - the kids' favorite thing was meeting cousin Tim (Tiny) and his pets!!

A Chinese Water Dragon named Puddles:

And a chameleon named Little Foot!

Guess what Gabe wants for Christmas!?! We'll see.....

We spent a lot of time with family - this is Byron's mom's side of the family - her sisters and brothers families. There were around 40 of us there, which is only about a fourth of the family.

Here is the 3rd Generation (we are the purple generation).

This is the 4th Generation (the orange shirts):

 Byron is the youngest in his generation by a number of years and so our kids are the youngest in their generation as well....our ages are closer to the orange generation ages and our kids are actually the ages of the next two generations down! This is especially interesting because I am the oldest in my generation on both sides of my family - so my cousins are the ages of my kids' cousins and my aunts are the ages of their aunts. Kinda confusing - but interesting!

We had a great weekend!

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