Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 Months Old!

Miguel turned 8 months old on Monday! It has been quite the month for him! He learned to crawl, met Papa Russ, went camping at the family reunion, and now has 7 teeth! He is a big boy, weighing in at around 20 pounds. He is very much happier now that he is independently mobile, but Daddy says he should have been born with whiskers - he keeps getting into tight spaces! This month he also decided that since he is such a big boy, he should be eating real people food - not mushy baby food! So many changes in one short month!

1 month:

 3 months:

 6 months:

7 months:

8 months:
 Isn't he looking grown up?!? Just look at that mouth full of teeth!

This one is my favorite this month:

 I love his sweet smile!!!

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