Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Mom

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I would do a post all about my mom.

My mom is 5 foot tall...maybe. When I was growing up she was a Methodist Minister. She had to stand on a box to see over the pulpit. What she lacks in height she makes up for in almost everything else. When she is in a crowded room, you may not see her over the heads of everyone else, but you won't miss her laugh! She has a beautiful laugh - a laugh you can't miss and you don't mistake. She has a generous heart and  she has the gift of giving. She loves to give gifts, whether it be something simple or elaborate and puts tons of thought into each gift she gives.

I mentioned that she was a Methodist Minister. She was a great pastor, always there for her congration, no matter what. BUT she is an awesome teacher. Momma left the ministery about 12 years ago to teach high school special needs students. This is her passion! The students love her to death - and she loves them right back. I was able to help at the Pre-Prom she and the other special education teachers throw for them each year. It is definately an act of love!

Momma is very girly - she loves pink, romance stories, flowers, lace and pearls. Yet, she doen't have a vain bone in her body. Her hair is usually disheveled from working hard with her students, or playing with her grandkids or Frankie the dog (yet she still looks beautiful and put together - I have to find out her secret to that!). Her nails are always short and very rarely painted, she wears little to no make-up, and flats are her preference. She doesn't need any of that. She is gorgeous without it!

My mom is so supportive and encouraging to all of us - daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. We never question her pride in us. In fact, when my kids have reached big milestones, they want to call GiGi so that she can sing them the "Proud of You" song! 

I love my mom, and I am blessed to have her in my life! Happy Mother's Day, Momma!!! 

(She hates her picture taken unless it is with her grandkids and even then 9 times out of 10 she won't look at the camera. I was able to snag these pictures at Pre-Prom and LOVE them! I wish she would let me take her picture more often - I know she doesn't think so, because she doesn't like the way she looks - but she is so photogenic!)
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