Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a really fun Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to our Sunday School Class's egg hunt and picnic.

Selah was so funny - she would find an egg, open it and if she liked it, she would put it in her basket. If the contents were less than satisfiying, she would close it back up, and re-hide the egg!!

Gabe was such a good hunter we had to tell him to quit picking up eggs! He had so many in his basket, it couldn't hold any more!

Miguel wasn't sure about this whole egg hunt thing. Here he is demonstrating his best "Papaw" face - and doing a very good job of it!!

He did think the eggs were pretty fun to play with though.

On Easter Sunday morning, the kids hunted for eggs in our apartment. Each egg had part of a message (some verses). When put together they summed up the Easter Story.

The egg with #12 had a dollar inside, too!!

My favorite Easter activitiy this year was our Resurrection Eggs. Each egg had a small token and a Bible verse. We opened one egg a day until Easter. By Easter Sunday the kids knew the whole Easter story. In fact, Selah's Sunday School teacher said she was the only one in the class that could tell the story of Easter and even added detail!! (Proud Mommy Moment)

Hope you had a Happy Easter as well!!!
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