Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enjoying this season of life

"It is counterproductive for me to dream of days that belong in a season other than the one I’m in." - Heidi Scovel

What wisdom! I read this on another blog I follow. ( I am totally guilty of not living and loving the moment most of the time. When I was pregnant I thought, "If I can just get to the 2nd trimester" or "I am so ready for the baby to finally be here" instead of cherishing the miracle and beauty of pregnancy. Now, I think, "If we can just get through this infant stage....or toddler stage....or hyper stage" instead of relishing the joy of each stage of childhood.

Nursing her baby doll - I love this stage of playing mommy!

Selah and I took a girls only trip into a $1 jewelry store and came out with some treasures. Here she is modeling her picks - necklace, dangly earrings and a fancy headband!

From now on I am going to make a conscience effort to live and love the present as the gift (pun totaaly intended) it is.

So, when I am feeling like a zombie after being up all night with a sceaming infant, and then chasing the two year old, entertaining the five year old, and cooking and cleaning for the 32 year old, I will praise the Lord for my family, for my precious, wonderful children, my handsome, hard-working husband and the moments I have with them.

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