Monday, December 6, 2010

Gabe's 5th Birthday Celebrations!

Gabe really celebrated his birthday this year! We celebrated as the 5 of us the weekend before his birthday. We asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to eat at Texas Roadhouse, have a Mario pinata, and ride his bike - so that's what we did!!

Although, he really wanted a surprise party. The morning of his birthday he wanted me to stay in my room and sneak out to yell, "Happy Birthday" when he woke up. So I did - but little did he know that we had a bigger surprise in store! We went down to Belton for Thanksgiving and had lunch with the family. After lunch, Byron took Gabe over to Memaw and Papaw's house to "help Memaw put her nutcraker collection out" ---hee, hee!! While he was gone we decorated GiGi's house for a Surprise Party!!!

He was so surprised and happy - just jumping for joy - literally! He wanted to open his gifts right away!

He was really happy to be able to read his cards to himself this year!

A Mario cupcake stand  - Gluten-free Strawberry cupcakes! Yum!

Then the next weekend, we headed over to Casa Ole - Serna tradition - to celebrate Gabe's and Jonathan's birthday!

Bike stuff from Auntie Nicol (and her boys).

A super-cool remote control car from Aunt Brandy, Uncle Nick and the girl cousins!

Unfortunately, the birthday sundae was not dairy or gluten-free - but the cherry was! So Gabe got the cherry and the cousins shared the sundae.

Aunt Brandy also brought fun costumes for Gabe, Selah, and Miguel! Here are Gabe and Selah rockin' their Luigi and Minnie Mouse costumes! Thanks, Aunt Brandy!!

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