Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Nursery!

The nursery is finished! I had my heart set on doing a "Twinkle Little Star" nursery theme, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as I was ready to order the bedding, it was out of stock. So the whole family headed over to Babies r Us and choose this Grasshopper theme! I never would have thought to do grasshoppers in the nursery, but it turned out soooo cute!! I love the green, orange and muted blue color combination! And did I mention that we got a great deal on it?!? Here is our nursery....

An up-close look at the bedding details - and a blanket that I knit for our little one.

Our late night snuggle corner.

This is some artwork I created to match the theme ... grasshoppers jumping through numbers and letters.

I bought the "WISH" and stars when I thought we were doing the Twinkle Little Star theme - but I made them work with our decor.

Selah and I put this together one day while Gabe was at VBS. A representation of my 3 little grasshoppers!

It is Papaw's tradition to present each expectant momma in the family with a stuffed animal for the new baby. Gabe got a cute little puppy dog, Selah got a white tiger momma and baby and this baby got a turkey! I think it is cute...but wonder if there is hiden meaning? I still have the animal he gave my mom when she was pregnant with me!

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