Thursday, July 8, 2010

A week with GiGi and PopPop...

The kids and I spent last week with GiGi and PopPop in Belton, Texas. We had so much fun! Some highlights included a play date with the Evan's children, lots of time with GiGi, PopPop, Memaw and Papaw, Uncle John and Aunt Louise, and Selah's first big screen movie - Toy Story 3D!
This is a picture of Selah and Gabe joining PopPop in his weekend paper reading - they are using thier 3D glasses as reading glasses!
This is Papaw, Uncle John and Justin. These 3 have served in 3 different wars, in 3 different branches of the military - Air Force, Navy and Army. Justin and his sister Katy (my cousins) were able to make it down for a visit and lunch - and while they were there, we were able to shower Katy with a few gifts for the blessing she will be getting in August - a baby girl!!

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