Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!!

While in Central Texas, we had birthday celebrations for Selah's 2nd Birthday! It has become a Serna Family Tradition to celebrate birthdays at Casa Ole - so Friday night we headed over for some yummy Tex-Mex and Serna time!
Here is the Cousin Table:
Selah LOVES it when we are at a restaurant and the servers come out to sing to the Birthday person - so we had to have them do it for her - Look how excited she is!!

Such a big dessert for such a little girl!


The next day we had a little Tinker Bell party at GiGi's house. The cake was a joint effort - I made the gluten-free chocolate cake, GiGi decorated it, and Rachel served it! It was soooo

The pinata was so much fun - it is a pull-string pinata. Good thing, I think if we started beating Tinker Bell with a stick, Selah would be mortified!!

Gift Time~!

Some of the guests...

Finally the cake she had been eyeing since breakfast!

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