Sunday, August 2, 2009

The North Pole

On Selah's birthday we went to the North Pole - a Christmas themed amusement park geared toward smaller kids. It was so much fun!! GiGi and PopPop came with us as well as my Aunt Susie and her grandkids - Devin and Zander. The best thing was that Gabe was able to ride most of the rides - and he tried them all!
Daddy and Gabe on the World's Highest Ferris Wheel!
This Rocket went so fast! Gabe held on with all of his might and kept his head down the entire time. But when it stopped, he was ready to go again!

Gabe and Zander being Firemen!

Devin and I spinning like crazy!

This was Selah's favorite! It is this HUGE winding slide - she would giggle the whole way down!

PopPop and Devin driving the mini cars.

Memaw and Gabe share this facination with nutcrackers. You should see Memaw's collection! So when we saw this bigger than life nutcracker - we had to get Gabe's picture with it!

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