Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Mine in Cripple Creek

While GiGi and PopPop were here we went to the Mine in Cripple Creek! It was a lot of fun! You pile into this elevator shaft and ride it 1,000 feet below ground. Then a tour guide tells you all about mining. Unfortunately, when it was time to go back above ground, the elevator wasn't working. We ended up being stuck down there for an extra 15 or 20 minutes and Gabe had to pee! It was obvious that he could hold it no longer when the dancing started - so the tour guide took him around the corner to a tunnel that wasn't being used and let him go! When we finally made it back above ground, GiGi and PopPop bought Gabe a button that says "I went 1,000 feet underground". HA! He sure "went" all right!
Preparing to go into the mine.
On our way home. One tired little miner!!

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