Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Trail

If you take a little walk from our house there is a trail nearby. It took me until October to finally explore it. The trail is AWESOME!! No need to go any further to see the beauty of Colorado. We had been having gorgeous weather and spending every day outside and so a few weekends ago the whole family took a hike on the trail. We have snow again, now, so it is nice to post these pictures and remember how nice the weather was!

A clearing with a beautiful view of the peak. AND Gabe with his walking stick - Papaw would be proud!
Selah was ready to be home by the time we started heading back. I thought her little feet tucked under Daddy's arms was adorable!!

Taken from the end of the trail.

Looking out over Woodland Park.

I really like this view of the Peak.

Gabe and I call this the "Dr. Seuss tree".

There is a pond at the beginning of the trail....what little boy can resist throwing rocks into a pond? Throwing rocks in water has been Gabe's favorite thing since before he was walking on his own!! Of course, Daddy had to throw some, too.

OK....this is my favorite shot EVER of Gabe and Byron. Isn't it adorable. Byron hasn't been home much since starting the Lab up here...but boy when he is does Gabe LOVE it!

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