Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Hunts

What a snowy Easter!! Here are some pictures...
Gabe and Selah got baskets filled with goodies!!
We had Easter dinner with the Nowland and Zeller Families. Diane Nowland was so sweet to have us over for Thanksgiving and Easter this year. They have really become our family away from home. This is a picture of Kristin and Kaitlyn Zeller. Kristin is Diane's daughter. Kaitlyn is one of Selah's favorite people. She gets so excited to see her!

A sweet Father/Daughter moment.

Waiting while Daddy hid Easter Eggs. Now one of my favorite Gabe pics!

SCORE! M&M's! Diane had an Easter Egg hunt for Gabe and her grandkids.

Hunting for Eggs at our house after a very disappointing community egg hunt. Can't get better than hunting for eggs in your underware and a t-shirt!

Daddy hides eggs well.

The community hunt. OK... a little rant. It was snowing and the kids had to register at 9:00am. Then they had to stand around and look at these eggs (in plain view) for an hour before the hunt started. THEN the 4-6 year olds were allowed to go first. They were supposed to get 15 eggs each - but they just went out and grabbed. By the time the 1-3 year olds went there were no eggs on the ground and parents were dumping out the extra eggs the 4-6 year olds got. Gabe had been practicing his egg hunting for weeks and was sooooo disappointed that all he got to do was pick up the left overs! It's ok. We had a great hunt at our house afterwards!

Easter Egg hunt in the snow....

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