Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're Pregnant!!

Back in Texas Byron and I started going through fertility again in hopes of growing our family. We had no luck for months and decided to stop treatments when we found out about our big move and try again once we were "settled". A little while after relocating to Colorado I started not feeling well. I was convinced that I needed to get back on birth control to tame my strange infertile hormones!! I went to the doctor, explained my situation and proceeded to tell him that I have been extremely tired...maybe contributed to the altitude. I also told him that I am starved, and then nausiated. He told me that it sounded like it could be hypoglycemia and sent me to Byron's lab to get some blood work. Meanwhile, I got sicker and sicker. I read up on hypoglycemia and was CERTAIN that was it. Byron on the other hand started to have suspicions. He took a little bit of my blood from the test the doctor ordered and ran a HcG pregnancy test. He got a strange error and thought nothing more of it - until, he had a patient come through with the same error. To fix it, he had to "water" down the sample because the levels were so high. A light bulb went on in his head....he went back to my blood, did the same thing and got a positive result!! Back at home, I was convinced I had hypoglycemia....pregnancy was the LAST thing on my mind. After all, I had been told that I am infertile and need treatments to concieve. That night Byron came home with a dozen red roses, a card, and my positive test. Let me say, I was completely shocked!!! Byron of course was incredibly proud. How many husbands know thier wife is pregnant before she does? AND is able to tell her she is pregnant?!? We had an ultrasound Monday, Dec. 17th and found out that I am 10 weeks now and the baby is due July 13th. I am still shocked

at our true miracle, but incredibly excited at the testimony we have and what God is continually doing in our lives!
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