Monday, July 31, 2017

The Show Me State

At the end of June we took off on our biggest road trip yet. We drove through Oklahoma and Arkansas to get to Missouri.

We parked right out side of Kansas City at the lake. It was beautiful! 

On June 30th we celebrated Arthrogryposis awareness day by wearing blue for Faith. Faith decided a big road trip was not excitement enough. The night before we left, she fractured her elbow on the trampoline. There's nothing like a late ER trip the night before vacation! 

We went to Missouri to see some dear friends we made in China while we were there adopting Faith. They were there adopting their middle son and were in our travel group. We have kept in touch over the last few years. In February they went back to China and adopted another little boy. All three boys are as sweet as can be and our kids hit it off fast! 

Selah adores Merritt, their youngest son. Both Merritt and big brother Maddox were born with cleft lips and Merritt also has a cleft pallet.  

They also wore blue for Faith!!

We had such a great time with them! The kids swam in the lake, played hard and caught fireflies. There are so many fireflies in Missouri at night! It is so magical!

 Faith thinks she needs a little brother after meeting Merritt.

Baylor was so happy that there was a lake!!

 We even roasted marshmallows.

 The next day we all went to a theater in the park and saw Camp Rock the Musical! Here is our group - Ryan and Annette with their 3 handsome boys and our crew! What a fun group!

Maddox loved Gabe - he was Gabe's shadow!

Once the sun went down, the show started and it was SO GOOD!! Selah loves the movie, so she was so excited. It was fun to see her singing along with the cast! 

Our time in Missouri went by way too fast! We already miss Ryan, Annette, Merritt, Maddox and Myles and can't wait to hang out with them again! 
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