Monday, February 13, 2017

Getting Ready for the Grand Prix

Since 2013 our family has entered the AWANA Grand-Prix. We have had fun each year designing and creating pine wood derby cars to race - and this year was especially fun! 

A few weeks before the race, there is a workshop the participants can attend. They are able to use woodworking tools and machines to shape and carve their cars.

After a few hours all of the cars were carved!

Even Daddy made a car this year!

The week before the race we paint and decorate the cars. 

The completed cars looked great!! Faith made a  VW "lady" Bug:

Selah's was a fish with fish on it.

Mig made a police car.

Gabe made a piano car. 

Byron made a Cutlass!

They did a great job!

The racers, ready for the big day!

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