Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer 2016 part 2 - Cookie Bake-Off

In our first week in Belton, we also participated in GiGi's 3rd annual cookie contest! Each grandchild planned a cookie from a cake box recipe and baked them with GiGi. 

Selah's was Cherry Vanilla Dream

Gabe had a salted carmel chocolate delight

Mig's was a lemon "Charlie Brown" cookie

Charli Kate had a pink velvet cookie

Adrik's was vanilla twist (although we didn't know what the twist was because it was a vanilla cookie with vanilla icing and vanilla sprinkles.)

Tali's was a purple cookie with ice cream and ice cream cone sprinkles.

Faith made a peanut butter and jelly cookie

I made t-shirt aprons embroidered with their initials for all of the participants

Faith won 3rd place

Gabe won second

Tali just knew she was going to get first place - and she did!! 

Such a fun time with GiGi!!

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