Monday, January 25, 2016

Birthday Parties!

Oh my goodness! I am so behind on blogging! I just realized I never shared pictures of our November babies' birthday parties! 

First up was Faith, who turned 4 on November 20th. Her birthday was on a Friday and I made cupcakes for her to share with her friends at our homeschool prepare and share day. There were enough left over for us to have some after dinner, too!

This is the face of pure enjoyment:

The next morning was Faith's party!! We originally planned for it to be outside at the park, but the weather did not cooperate. She loves Elmo so we had a Sesame Street party. PopPop made this amazing sign as a present and a decoration! 

We had Elmo's goldfish, Cookie Monster cookies, and Big Bird's gummy worms along with the cake and punch.

She had over 50 people come to wish her a very happy FIRST birthday party ever! 

I think she felt super special and loved!

Gabe's birthday was just 2 days later - on Monday, November 23, he turned 10!!!

We celebrated him on the following weekend. He took his two best buds to play laser tag - such a big kid party!! (I was NOT a good momma and forgot my camera, though.)

What fun to have 2 special birthdays so close together! 

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