Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mig is 5!!

How can it be that this cutie is already 5?!? I have seriously been in denial that my little man is turning FIVE. Seriously. In fact, though we have been planning his birthday party for awhile, I just realized this past Sunday that his party was THIS WEEK!! Yikes! Then when I went to buy candles I almost bought a number 4 instead of a number 5. I have begged and pleaded with him to just stay 4 forever, but he refuses. So, I guess I will just have to cry a little on the inside that he is growing up way too much and way too fast! 

Both of my boys are big time Star Wars fans, so we had to do a Star Wars theme photo shoot for his birthday. He especially loves the villains. Here he is channeling his best Anakin Skywalker - and doing a pretty awesome job at it!

I also made him take some non-Star Wars portraits, too, though. He is such a handsome kid!

Mig is still a big Momma's Boy. He tells Byron that I am his girlfriend and sneaks hugs and cuddles whenever he can. He is a rough and tumble boy in all other aspects, though. He loves to play rough, is loud and can be quite rambunctious. He takes his job as pesky little brother (or as Selah likes to say, "little bother") to heart. He is also still our class clown and has some of the funkiest dance moves you will ever see! 

God has blessed us with this little guy! Happy 5th (sigh) Birthday, Little Man! We love you!! 

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