Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A fun weekend with family

Last week was our Spring Break. We had a great week. On Monday, Daddy had the day off. We went shopping at Garden Ridge and cooked out. For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had each child pick something free or super cheap that they wanted to do. Gabe's request was to go to a park other than the one down the street from us and invite some friends. On Tuesday the weather was gorgeous. So, we went to a park down the street from some friends of ours. Gabe decided to wade in the creek at the park and got in the van with a leech on his leg! YUCK! But, he had a blast. Selah wanted to "up-cycle" her American Girl bunk beds. We painted them white, picked out some material and then I sewed (and she supervised) some new bed clothes. Mig wanted a pajama day. On Wednesday we rented a Redbox movie, piled pillows in the living room, and had a pj day! 

Friday was the grand finale of our Spring Break - Nicol and our four nephews came up to spend the weekend!! We decided to take them all geocaching. If you haven't been geocaching before, it is super fun (and totally free). 

Our first find was located near our local park. We had tried to find this one during the summer and never could locate it, so we were super excited to find it this time!!

Our next find was my favorite. It was in the woods behind our park. There was a clue that read, "Un-natural, natural camouflage." We could not figure out what that meant until we saw this:

JT was quite excited and impressed with this hiding spot. 

Each cache has a paper inside for your signature that you found it and, if big enough, some kind of trinket. 2 of the 3 caches we found had coins inside. 

Our 3rd and final find was a little too far away to walk, so we got in the vans and drove to find it. It was a very easy find.

After re-hiding the cache, we took a trip up to Gainesville, TX where we enjoyed dinner at Serna's Mexican restaurant! We even got to chat for a long time with the owner who was so nice! 

The next day was rainy and gray. We decided to stay home and created another Froese Bros. movie production. It has become a tradition of ours to do a video when we are all together with the boys. This time we did our first improv video and made a kind of satire of our trip to Serna's Restaurant! Jonathan is working on editing it. When it is completed, I will share it here as well. It was a great weekend and such a fun time!!
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