Monday, January 9, 2012

So busy!!

I have just a minute to update the blog here. Boy! We have been crazy busy! The day after Christmas we came home to our cozy apartment and finished packing it up. The Tuesday and Wednesday after Christmas we moved stuff to our new house. On Wednesday our gas (which is our source of heat) wasn't turned on, so we stayed the night in a hotel. Thursday Byron went to Belton to get the two littlest who were staying with GiGi and PopPop during the move, and that night we all stayed in our house for the first time. We are still unpacking boxes and getting settled in here, but are enjoying our new place so far. The kids are loving having their own rooms and a backyard.

Today we started school back up. It was nice to get back into our routine - and really nice that we have moved from a Homeschool closet to a real Homeschool room!!!

For our art project today the kids made drawings of our new house on a map of our new town. They turned out beautifully!

Gabriel's art:

Selah's art (with a little help from Mommy):

Once I get a little more unpacked and uncluttered here and have a bit more time, I will post pictures of our Christmas celebrations and some pictures of the inside of our new house.
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